About Us and Our Soap!

Lily Meadows came about almost by accident over 7 years ago. I went to a soap making class and fell thoroughly in love with soap making.  At first I made soap for myself and then for my family. Then suddenly I had so much that I had to start selling it.

So much has happened since that time. Our soaps have changed in design. Labels have changed in design. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of the soaps we sell. There are no preservatives to dry out your delicate skin and we don’t use any ingredients you can’t pronounce! Our business has changed and grown and we look forward to making the creations that so many have loved!

On this site you will find soaps for anyone in your family. There are feminine scents and masculine ones too along with fruity bars and floral. We have perfume soaps such as Love Spell and Very Sexy for men, and all natural soaps like Lavender Mint made with essential oils, cocoa butter which has no scent except for the rich sweet chocolatey scent of the oils used, and our very popular Working Hands soap.   Soaps with goat’s milk and cow’s milk can also be found here. We are always adding new soaps and taking away the ones that don’t sell as well.

The goal at Lily Meadows is to continue to make what you love! We want to hear your feedback and new ideas are always welcome!

Thank you for stopping by our site! If there is something you want and you haven’t found it here, please let us know! You can do that by going to the Contact Us page.

How Our Soaps Are Made

All soaps are made in my soap shop located next to our home. We purchase the highest quality, natural ingredients we can find. So you can be sure each bar of soap is made with loving care! Most soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and high quality fragrance or essential oil. Some of our soaps have oils such as Jojoba, Castor, Almond, and more!  We make soaps with additives such as lavender buds, oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, poppy seeds, milk, and chamomile.


If you need more than 20 bars of soap you are more than likely going to label and sell them yourself in a gift shop or store. We have a solution for that too by buying wholesale.

Being Natural and “Green” and what about Synthetics?

As much as we would love to be 100% natural, it would restrict us from making some really great products that are still safe and effective. We can say our products are mostly all natural and organic and we try to stay as close to that concept as we can. However; you can’t have a yummy smelling perfume soap like Love Spell – Type without adding fragrance. There is no fragrance oil made (unless it is essential oil) that is natural or organic - it is synthetically manufactured. You will see a list of all ingredients for all of our products.

NOTE: Here is a great definition of the difference between Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil quoted directly from our fragrance supply company, Wellington Fragrance.

Essential Oils are natural concentrated essences derived from plants, bark, roots, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. and are usually steamed distilled. Fragrance Oils normally are made up of a number of synthetic imitations of essential oils creating a fragrance that will smell like a flower, herb, plant or other fragrance.  

With Love,

Owner – Lynn Holter 

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